Oak Framed Outbuildings

Here is a step by step guide of how we built an oak framed garage.  On this garage, we fitted an oak frame to the front with mortice and tenon joints, and the rest was built using 150 x 50 treated softwood.
This method is a quicker and cheaper way to build yet still retains the beauty of an oak framed garage from the outside. saving on the cost of materials and time which is then a cheaper option rather than going for the full oak framed garage.

Mortise and tenon joints are one of the oldest methods of construction that we still use today even the romans were using mortise and tenon to build their houses back in the fifth century but didn’t really take off in England until the twelfth century.

When timber frame construction began

This was about the time that we changed the way we built with timber, before we would bury the post into the ground but now the new idea of running a sole plate above the ground and the upright posts were then secured using  Mortise and Tenon’s into the sole plate. The sole plates were not built onto foundations like today instead they were built on stones that were dry laid onto the mud known as a ‘framed wall’ so the buildings would move this is why you still see today those lovely old warped timber frame houses full of character.

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 bricklayers laying the face brickwork for the oak framed garage